Get to know Dr. Khalili
Dr. Leila Khalili is an obstetrician-gynecologist. She has specialization in gynecological surgery and infertility. She has based her ambitious on subspecialty of feminine diseases and successfully completed some fellowships in women’s laser therapy. Dr. Khalili is the first medical doctor in Iran with the mentioned spatiality and has trained Iranian gynecologists for years.
The main international activities of Dr. Khalili in laser therapy is as follows:
• Attendance at Laser congress, Italy, 2015.
• Lecture to the international laser Congress, 2017.
• Attendance at Laser congress, Germany, 2018.
• Paper presentation on International Congress on Minimally Invasive Gynecology & Obstetrics, Iran, 2019.
As the first and only fully trained Iranian aesthetic gynecologist, Dr. Khalili has started her activities in this filed since 2012.
The aesthetic gynecology is a relatively new field with increasing patient interest and demand. It encompasses procedures designed to change aesthetic and/or functional aspects associated with congenital abnormalities or course-of-life women’s genital changes.
Dr. Khalili has trained through the most respected professors among Prof. Alinsod. Prof. Alinsod has developed and pioneered many innovative techniques in this newly evolving field of cosmetic surgery in the world. That’s why Dr. Khalili’s surgical technique and instruments are unique and she has the highest number of visitors in Iran.
Dr. Leila Khalili has taken the following specialized courses in the field of the aesthetic gynecology in different countries:
• Laparoscopy Training course, Iran, 2011.
• Workshop on Lipomatic & Eva sp Range, Belguim, 2014.
• Mater coarse on European cosmetic vaginal surgery, 2015.
• Medical Laser training, Italy, 2015.
• Mater coarse on lift vaginal narrower, Armenia, 2015.
• Advanced Master’s Surgical Preceptorship in Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery and Non-Invasive Radiofrequency Therapies with Red Alinsod, CA, USA, 2016.
• Mater coarse on cosmetic vaginal surgery and rejuvenation, Turkey, 2016.
• Theoretical and Practical Training on happy lift vaginal narrower, Iran, 2016.
• Mater coarse on cosmetic vaginal surgery, London, 2017.
• Medical Laser training, Germany, 2018.
• Mater coarse on cosmetic vaginal surgery, France, 2018.
• Training on Aptos lift vaginal narrower, Georgia, 2019.

Dr. Khalili has participated as an only Iranian medical specialist in aesthetic gynecology congresses in Europe and the United States as follows:
• Attendance at E.S.A.G. 1st world congress, Italy, 2016.
• Attendance at E.S.A.G. 2nd world congress, Spain, 2017.
• Attendance at E.S.A.G. 3th world congress, England, 2018.
• Attendance at E.S.A.G. 4th world congress, Scotland, 2019.

Due to the presence of Dr. Khalili in all international specialized events and his help to improve the level of knowledge in this field in the world, he has been awarded the title of mother of aesthetic gynecology in Iran by international colleagues. Here are some of her international honors and speeches:

• Lecture to the Medical Aesthetic Congress, Iran, 2015.
• Lecture to the Medical Aesthetic Congress, Turkey, 2017.
• Lecture and paper presentation to the Medical Aesthetic Congress, Dubai, 2017.
• Lecture to the Medical Aesthetic Top Techniques Congress, London, 2019.
• Lecture to the Medical Aesthetic Congress, Germany, 2019.
• Faculty member for the 13th international Caucasian congress on plastic surgery and dermatology, Georgia,2019.
• Lecture to the International Congress on Minimally Invasive Gynecology & Obstetrics, Iran, 2019.